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Xwander Online Shop offers premium products designed with love for the Arctic Nature in Finnish Lapland. 

Adventure Products include outdoor equipment, carefully selected from extensive experience in arctic nature.

To Sustainable Clothing category we choose ecologically produced clothing, unique Finnish design, perfect for even the harshest weather conditions.

We want to bring a piece of Lapland to you wherever you are.  In the selection of Unique Local Design & Handicrafts we have chosen local Lappish handmade products, crafted from traditional materials such as reindeer antler, leather, wood and wool. Each one unique, each one with a story to tell.

Read more about our Sustainability efforts below.

This is how we are sustainable

Preserving our precious nature means the world to us, as we are sure for you as well. We have good news!

We select products that are sustainably produced, eco-friendly and as far as we can, local.

Of course, we are not perfect, and not everything can be produced next door to us (although quite a lot is!).
Producing materials and products always create emissions, which is why we work with Compensate Foundation to compensate the carbon footprint of all of our products.

We say no to plastic – When your delivery gets to you, you can completely recycle the carboard packaging. For delivery we use Finnish Posti, and all deliveries inside Finland are Posti’s Green carbon neutral deliveries.

To truly combat climate change, going carbon neutral is not enough, we need to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we put in. That´s why #WeCompensate.


Compensate is a nonprofit foundation established to empower people and companies to combat climate change.  With Compensate’s built-in overcompensation, more CO2 is removed from the atmosphere than a product, service or thing creates.

How does it work?

We calculate the carbon footprint of our products with Compensate, and pay compensations fees for the products purchased. Carbon calculations are based on high-level estimations and a complete life cycle assessment was not performed. Hence, we have chosen “the worst case” figures as basis and added a significant buffer. Given the careful selection of the products, we can safely say that each purchase is compensated for the climate.
Compensate uses the payments in full to purchase certified carbon credits.

To meet a high demand for sustainability, Compensate independently evaluates all the projects they use. Compensate’s Scientific Advisory Panel, project criteria, and international standards assist Compensate in managing the portfolio. This approach takes into account climate impact, biodiversity, social issues and human rights. You can read more here.

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