Red Sea Liveaboard

Explore all the best dive sites in the Red Sea and enjoy the laidback lifestyle onboard the luxurious Betel Gueser

The “Best of Red Sea” itinerary offers a combination of world class diving, relaxation and onboard entertainment.

We have combined all the best dive spots in the Red Sea in order to create a versatile trip that will satisfy all your diving needs. Explore historical wrecks and experience majestic coral reefs filled with marine life. In addition to the magical underwater world, you will also enjoy all the comforts of the luxury liveaboard vessel, Betel Gueser. Relax on the sun deck, soak up the sunshine and enjoy delicious meals prepared for you by the ship’s chefs.

Your responsibilities for the week: dive in warm and crystal-clear water, rest, sleep, eat, drink, relax, sunbathe and enjoy. Sounds tempting? Then by all means, come and join us on this 5-star diving adventure!

Daily schedule

27th October

Arrival at Hurghada International Airport. At the airport, we have a shuttle bus waiting to transport our divers to Port Ghalib Harbour. On the journey through the desert landscape, you’ll be given a light pre-trip briefing and an introduction to the ship that will be your home for the rest of the week.

Once onboard, you’ll be shown to your cabin, followed by dinner in the evening. The boat crew is available for service 24/7, offering tasty meals and refreshments as well as assisting in taking care of the dive equipment. And so we begin our journey to explore the best dive sites in the Red Sea.

28th October

We’ll start diving immediately after breakfast. The day will consist of 2 or 3 dives in total. The first dive is an easier practise dive that allows you to calculate and adjust the necessary weights for the rest of the week’s diving. We’ll be heading to a dive site in Port Ghalib near the port where there’s a good chance we’ll spot dugongs, also known as sea cows.

29th October - 1st November

Our first full day of diving consists of 3-4 dives altogether. We start early in the morning, jumping into the sea soon after sunrise. This way we get to see some of the biggest and rarest marine creatures that inhabit these waters. A description of the dive sites and the secrets around them can be found here:

Brother Islands

Brother Islands are two small islands (Little Brother and Big Brother) surrounded by some of the best dive sites in the Red Sea. Big Brother Island, in fact, boasts some of the best dive sites in the whole world. Divers from around the globe arrive here for the amazing coral reefs and exciting wreck dives.

Little Brother is famous for its amazing walls covered with soft and hard corals. Marine life is abundant here, and you can expect to encounter barracudas, jackfish and tuna as well as large napoleon fish. You might also spot different kinds of sharks, such as gray reef sharks, hammerheads, silvertip and whitetip sharks, all of which come to feast on the smaller fish that are inhabiting the reef.

The Numidia is a giant merchant ship wreck that lies on the northern plateau. The ship lies perpendicular to the reef with the bow lying at around 8-meters and the rest of the ship descending at a steep angle to a depth of approximately 80-meters. Having been underwater for almost a 100 years, it has become part of the reef and is home to a variety of fish and corals.

Daedalus Reef

Daedalus, or “Abu el Kizal”, is a small circular standalone reef directly in the middle of the Red Sea. The reef itself is only 500 meters wide and is located between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Its deep walls and drop-offs offer some of the most spectacular diving to be found. Daedalus has mountainous, pristine, hard coral formations. There is also a strong chance of spotting schooling hammerheads and grey reef sharks.

The eastern side of the reef is known for its small tunnels and caves. On the west side, you can expect to see many kinds of colorful fish swimming amongst the beautiful, soft coral. Along the eastern wall, the most famous side of Daedalus, you could mingle with some of the most sizeable inhabitants in all of the Red Sea including schooling hammerheads and grey reef sharks, tunas, barracudas, manatees and even whale sharks.

2nd November

We’ve saved the best for last! Before arriving back at Port Ghalib Harbor we still have two incredible dives where we explore some of the most amazing dive sites in the area.

In the evening divers can go out and enjoy the local nightlife. We’ll organize a dinner together at one of the local restaurants renowned for their excellent seafood and fish dishes. After dinner you can relax while sipping a cocktail at the marina.

Safari package

Price from 990 €, excluding flights.

We can also help you book flights from your nearest airport if necessary.

What’s included

All on-site transfers

Accommodation onboard the luxurious Betel Gueser

All meals, snacks, soft drinks, coffee and tea

Diving 3-4 times a day (except on the first and last day)

Tank and weight belt

Beer on the boat

Additional costs

Insurance 10.00 €

Equipment rental for the week 58.00 €

Egyptian visa 25.00 €

Open Water Course 245.00 €

AOWD course 125.00 €

Nitrox training 60.00 €

Deep Diver Training 90.00 €

Rescue courses 255.00 € (only for our trips)

Please include the following information with your registration:
The names of the participants, personal identification number (if applicable), level of scuba certification and the number of logged dives.
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