SINNI Lappish Roseroot Shot (10 x 4g)

Arctic Warriors roseroot shot. Enhances physical and mental performance.

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SINNI roseroot shot keeps you going and focused on a busy day and helps you to calm down and recover at night.

Rhodiola rosea a.k.a roseroot, also known as ginseng of the north, is a strong and widely researched adaptogen which enhances your physical and mental performance. It calms you down if you’re wired and refreshes you if you’re tired.

There is something magical in the herbs and berries of Lapland. In summer they grow 24/7 under the midnight sun enjoying the purest air in the world, in winter they don’t fear harsh wind and snow.

Arctic Warriors turn these arctic power plants into tasty and easy-to-use products to help you to stay healthy and get more out of your day. 100 % naturally.

All ingredients from local farmers here in Lapland.

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INGREDIENTS: Rhodiola rosea, nettle, vegetable glycerol. Dairy and gluten free, vegan, suitable for diabetics. Vegetable glycerol does not raise blood sugar
DOSAGE: 1-2 shots pr day. 15 kcal / shot.
USAGE: Use as such by folding in the middle or mix with tea, smoothie, yogurt or oatmeal.
ORIGIN: Roseroot comes from local farmers in Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi.


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