PUHTI Honey & Lappish Herb Shot (10 x 15g)

Arctic Warriors Honey & Herb Shot. Natural energy for an active day.

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NEW PUHTI – new INGREDIENTS and new packaging!

Boost your performance with PUHTI honey herb energy gel. Finnish honey boosted with arctic super herbs spruce sprout and nettle. A killer combination to give you extra energy to a busy day! It gives you quick natural, stomach-friendly and easily absorbable energy and tastes yummy!

If you are into sports, PUHTI beats the artificial energy gels 6-0. Pack these shots for your hiking trip or to save a busy day!

There is something magical in the herbs and berries of Lapland. In summer they grow 24/7 under the midnight sun enjoying the purest air in the world, in winter they don’t fear harsh wind and snow.

Arctic Warriors turn these arctic power plants into tasty and easy-to-use products to help you to stay healthy and get more out of your day. 100 % naturally.

All ingredients from local farmers here in Lapland.

WEIGHT 0.150 kg
INGREDIENTS: Honey, spruce sprout, nettle
NUTRITIONAL INFO/100G: Energy 334 kcal, carbohydrates 82 g (of which sugars 80,8 g), fat 0 g, protein 0,5g, salt 5,6 mg
USAGE: Fold in half and gulp or mix in warm water, tea, smoothie or yogurts
ORIGIN: Finnish Lapland.


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