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Charge your mobile devices directly from the sun! Tespack Indie Solar Smartpack has been designed for anyone who wants to be energy independent but already owns a backpack. Attach it easily to any backpack or other gear with fours straps. Designed for extreme environments, tested above the Arctic Circle.

Package includes:

  • Tespack Indie Solar Bag
  • 7W Solar Panel and Solar Panel cover
  • Teslink (Link to change your device directly from the sun)
  • Tespack Power Bank 20K
  • 9 DC Connectors (for different laptops)
  • 8 USB Accessories (for mobile devices)

          Power laptops up to 10 Hrs, Smartphones 8 times, tablets 6 times!

  • Indie Attachable Solar Bag 20K Recharge Fast from the Wall:  3 Hours. Sun: 13 Hours.
  • 1 Hr of Sun can fully charge a Smartphone
  • Power your Laptop and smartphone at the same time
  • Tested by Astronauts & ScientistsTespack has made it its mission to become the biggest energy supplier outside peoples homes, making everyone energy independent. Working with state of the art technology and focusing on reducing carbon footprint. Tespack has been focused on creating the best quality and well designed products in order to track generation and usage.Tespack products are tested by scientists, astronauts and of course our Xwander Team!


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