Handmade Lappish Fruit Knife

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This small knife is the perfect little pocket / kitchen tool. Suitably weighted, excellently balanced, wonderfully sharp and safe to carry in its beautifully crafted holster. Each knife is unique.

Blade lenght: 5.3cm

Knife with holster: 15.7cm

Handle: Beautifully hand crafted from Goat Willow Gnarl / Birch Tree Gnarl and Reindeer Antler; thick and solid with an expanded base for the perfect grip.

Blade: Made from stainless steel and perfectly sharpened. Ideal for slicing.

Holster: 100% Reindeer holster beautifully crafted from antler. The antler is decorated with a traditional Sámi design.

Handmade in Rovaniemi, Lapland.


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