Intern’s first-time snorkeling in Tenerife’s beautiful waters

Waking up full of excitement, thinking about our upcoming adventures of the day – I’ll be snorkelling for the first time ever! I prepare both, a swimsuit and a bikini, since I’m not sure which is more suitable for snorkeling. To protect my skin I slather myself in sunscreen. While preparing to leave, I’m already daydreaming of all the creatures I’ll be seeing and with anxious, but mostly excited feelings, I start heading towards the Xwander office.

We leave the office with our van, which is, of course, packed for everything – and most importantly: the camera packed and fully charged! We pick-up our enthusiastic customers from their hotel and our guides brief us of the day’s adventures ahead on the way to our first snorkelling destination.

When arriving at the Abades beach the weather is better than ever. The wind gusting, but the sun keeping us comfortably warm. We change our equipment to something more suitable for the water – I choose the swimsuit per our guides recommendation – and we head towards the water with the equipment in our hands.

We are given a brief instruction; how to proceed in the small beach cove, use of the equipment and in general about safety during snorkeling. And in an blink of an eye later, we’re already facing the seabed.

At first sight, I’ve already been sold. What a view opens below the surface – a completely different world. At that moment, my worries are far away from my mind, and I feel blissfully happy. Just. Wow.

We take our time snorkeling and admiring the life underwater, and even I dare to dive a bit! After a while, however, our guide notes that the wind is rising and immediately makes the right decision for us to get out of the water. Our first snorkeling experience is behind us, and the feeling is indescribable.

At the beach we have a little lunch break, enjoying the after-snorkeling euphoria and beautiful landscape around us. Our guides suggest another snorkeling location and we are more than willing to go – me at least, even though the choice was the customers, ha-ha.

Arriving at our second location, the Radazul beach, a view of crystal clear water opens in front of us. The water is calmer, although it’s a little more crowded on the beach – a couple of sunbathers and a group of lifeguard candidates.

We head eagerly into the water – after the safety instructions of course- and I’m thankful we get to snorkel more! And once again, when my head is in the water, a magical underwater world opens and sweeps me right in. I dare to dive even longer and deeper after the fish. Time passes so fast when immersed in the world underneath, while taking amazing pictures and video clips with the camera.

Reluctantly we get out of the water, while being extremely happy and grateful for the experience. On the beach we dry ourselves and enjoy the warming rays of sun, while excitedly sharing sightings of all the crabs and fish that we saw in the water. Such a wonderful experience overall! We also realized the similarity with snorkelling to meditation as it also really emptied and relaxed the mind.

On our journey back to the hotel and the office, we looked at all the pictures from our day, and in my mind, I was already planning my next snorkelling trip. I’ll never get enough of this activity. The customers were blissful – the water bug had definitely bit them as well! It was awesome to get to experience snorkeling with them for the first time and it certainly won’t be anyone’s last.

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