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Join Xwander as we explore Tenerife’s breathtaking landscape on a scenic trail running adventure

With its sunny climate and plenty of unspoilt nature, Tenerife is the perfect destination for trail running all year round. If you fancy getting some exercise while enjoying the island’s unique beauty, why not join our friendly guides for a run across some of the most scenic trails Tenerife has to offer?

Choose from the following options:

La Caldera

Breath in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery on the winding trails that make their way across this thick pine forest. The trails are varied enough to challenge all levels of runners with terrific views of La Orotava valley down below and Mt. Teide on the horizon.

La Esperanza

Gateway to the largest forest on Tenerife, La Esperanza will impress with green pines, cypresses and eucalyptus trees, some of which soar as high as 40 metres. The forest paths are occasionally interrupted by natural viewpoints, giving the area its well deserved reputation as a firm favourite among hikers and runners from near and far.


Get mesmerized by the natural beauty of magical Anaga as you make your way across ancient paths surrounded by lush laurisilva trees. The geologically rich area offers naturally varied terrain while playing host to a significant diversity of wildlife including reptiles and birds. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or beginner, we’re sure you’re going to love these trails.

Teide National Park (Roques de Garcia)

The trails crisscrossing in Teide National Park are a real treat for runners to explore. The volcanic landscape comprised of hundreds of bizarre rock formations is so out of this world, you could easily think you’re running on the moon. The high altitude combined with heat and humidity makes it a perfect run for anyone looking for a bit of a challenge.


Please Take Into Consideration

  • The temperature drops slightly when ascending to mountainous areas
  • Running in heat and humidity can be challenging;  it’s important to drink enough water during the run and rehydrate afterward
  • The terrain can at times be rocky and challenging on the trail

Please remember

  • To wear suitable, accommodating clothing and proper running footwear
  • Sunglasses and sunblock


  • Guides
  • Transportation
  • Snacks & Beverages
  • Insurance

This activity is suitable for adventurers over the age of 8.

La Caldera 45€ / per person
Roques de Garcia 48€ / per person
Anaga 54€ / per person
La Esperanza 45€ / per person

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