Mondays and Thursdays

Learn the basics and hone your surfing skills


Mondays and Thursdays

Learn the basics and hone your surfing skills


Tenerife offers a terrific opportunity to finally learn how. Several surf spots around the island are suitable for everyone – beginners, intermediates and experienced surfers. Get to upgrade your skills with Xwander!

The surf course begins on dry land with the basics of a pop-up. Learning how to correctly stand up on your board is essential. We will also go through basic surfing etiquette and movement in the water.

After that we continue our training in the water on a big soft board, which lets you catch waves with more ease.


Standup paddling (SUP) is a relatively new sport that has quickly become one the most popular watersports in the world. Once you try it for yourself, you’ll see why!

Balancing yourself on a flat board is easily some of the best fun you can have in the sea while adding the benefit of a full-body workout. It’s also much easier than surfing, and with the right technique even complete beginners can be enjoying themselves in no time.

The calm bays and crystal clear waters around Tenerife make it the ideal destination for standup paddling in the open sea. Come and explore the island’s spectacular coastline on a SUP adventure, accompanied by our wonderful guides and discover Tenerife from a whole new perspective!

The activity can take place in either Los Gigantes, Los Cristianos or Radazul depending on weather conditions on the day.


Do I need to be a good swimmer?

You don’t have to be a great swimmer to learn to surf, but you do have to be comfortable in the water. At minimum, you should have basic swimming skills in order to start learning to surf with us.

During training you will, of course, have your instructor close by, but if you don’t know how to swim, you should take swimming lessons and spend some time getting comfortable in the pool before attempting to get in the open sea. Remember that if the surfboard leash were to snap, and you somehow became detached from your board, you would need good enough skills to be able to swim safely back to the beach.

Is there a minimum age for surfing?

Our surf lessons are suitable for learners aged 14 years and older.

Am I too old to start surfing?

Learning to surf can be tough, and as with any sport, the younger you start, the easier it is to learn. Having said that, surfing is by no means just a young person’s sport, and a middle-aged beachgoer can certainly learn how to surf with competence. People have successfully learned even later than that.

Bear in mind that surfing is a challenging sport, so being in a reasonably good physical shape will help a lot. But the bottom line is that it’s possible to learn to surf at any age – just prepare to have patience, persevere and stay positive.

Do I need a wetsuit?

We will provide wetsuits, but you’re welcome to use your own if you want.

What should I bring with me?

You should bring your swimsuit, a towel, sunglasses, a hat and a change of clothes (just in case). Strong sunscreen (SPF 50) is highly recommended.

Is food included?

Xwander will provide sandwiches, snacks and drinks during the day.


We pick our adventurers up from their hotels and take them to a beach with suitable surf conditions for beginners

Please remember

Suitable clothes for the beach. Wear warm, accommodating clothing after surfing


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  • Snacks & Beverages
  • Insurance
Surfing 54€ / per person
SUP 54€ / per person

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