Teide Mountain Hiking


Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the scenery at the top of Mount Teide.

Teide Cable Car & Hiking

Ride the cable car up Spain’s highest peak and witness the spectacular landscape down below. From the upper station, 3,555m above sea level, the sights include the volcanic Las Cañadas cliffs as well as the kettle-like caldera caused by a volcanic eruption. You also get a clear view of the peculiar Roque Cinchado rock formation, possibly the most photographed rock in the world!

From the cable car station we continue on foot for approximately 45 minutes. The horizontal routes Ruta Mirador de la Fortaleza (number 11) and Ruta Pico Viejo (number 12) pass through different coloured rock and lava formations leading to scenic viewpoints that can be reached within thirty minutes.


  • We pick up our adventurers from the hotel and take them to Teide National Park. From there we get the cable car to the base station and then continue on foot along the hiking trail.
  • The adventurers are rewarded with a lunch/picnic at the end of the hike.

Please take into consideration

  • Teide with a cable car is not recommended for people with heart or respiratory problems, pregnant women, or children under the age of 10
  • The road to Teide National Park is winding and might cause car sickness
  • The changes in altitude and thinner air might cause nausea, dizziness or mountain sickness. Consult your doctor before planning your visit
  • The final ascent to the top of the crater is not included due to it’s difficulty and challenge
  • The weather conditions in the National Park can change rapidly; the temperature drops and it can get windier up on the mountain
  • The terrain on the trail is at times rocky and challenging

Please remember

  • To wear warm, accommodating clothing
  • Wind and waterproof jacket
  • Proper hike or sports footwear
  • Gloves and a hat just in case the weather gets cold
  • Sunglasses and sunblock
Cable car to Teide 79€ / per person
Cable car to Teide for children 49.50€ / per child

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