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Walk in the footsteps of the indigenous Guanches into the heart of the magical Anaga forest and visit the charming historical hamlet of Chinamada.

A long time before the Spanish arrived in Tenerife, the Anaga Mountains were populated by the island’s indigenous inhabitants known as Guanches. The deep mountain caves provided shelter from the elements, while livestock grazed on the green grass that was abundant in the fertile valleys. The Guanches moved their cattle around, creating numerous paths that today form a network of amazing hiking trails in the area.

Starting in Cruz del Carmen, we head down on a path that takes us deep into the dense woodland. Walking amongst the twisting ancient trees while breathing the cool and misty air almost gives you a sensation of having gone back millions of years in time, to a kind of enchanted forest that you thought only existed in fairy tales or movies.

Emerging from the forest we continue our journey across green fields and winding mountain paths in the unspoiled countryside. The panoramic views of the mountains in the distance and the green valleys below are nothing short of spectacular. Finally, we arrive at our final destination, the village of Chinamada, where the inhabitants still live in cave houses carved into the mountains.


We pick our adventurers up from their hotels, take them to Cruz del Carmen and continue on foot towards the village of Chinamada

44€ for participants under the age of 18


What is the minimum age required to participate?

The minimum age to participate is 8 years old.

Are meals available?

A typical Canarian food lunch is offered at a local restaurant in the area. We also provide snacks and water during the a break on the hike.

What is the fitness level required on the hike?

The hike is suitable for all participants in good general health.

How long is the hike?

The hike takes about 2 hours, walking at a moderate, enjoyable pace.

What do I need to bring with me?

We recommend proper hiking or sports footwear and comfortable outdoor clothing; also don’t forget to bring sunscreen and sunglasses. Since weather conditions on the island can change rapidly, we also recommend a rain-proof jacket and a hat.


  • Guides
  • Transportation
  • Snacks & Beverages
  • Three course lunch in a local restaurant
  • Insurance
Hike and Dine 69€ / per person
Hike and Dine (under 18) 44€ / per person

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