Xwander takes you on a journey to the surging seas, dense forests and rugged hills

Hiking in the pines, descending down canyons and diving into the depths of the Atlantic.

Watersport Day every Monday and Thursday

Action packed adventures including Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Freediving and Beach Games for kids.

Forest Adventure Days on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Fun-filled activities for the whole family. Hiking, Biking, Running, Ziplining and more!

Teide National Park & Anaga Rural Park

Enjoy majestic views of Mt. Teide and the magical forests of Anaga by hiking, running or biking.

Kids Adventure in Corona Forestal or Playa de Abades

Our kids’ adventure days are specifically designed to keep the youngest ones busy with plenty to explore and do.

Unforgettable experiences

Experience exciting locations and scenery – Accompanied by jolts of adrenalin!

Diverse activities

Venture into mysterious forest trails, steep canyon cliffs, volcanic beaches, white waves and incredible underwater worlds.

Professional customer service in English

We will accompany your needs in English – On trips, behind the computer screen and at the other end of a phone line. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Exciting and safe adventure destinations

Our team of professionals supervise all activities and ensure that all of them are performed safely on top-of-the-line equipment.

At Sea

Xwander sets sail to the best whale spotting, snorkeling and diving locations.

In the Mountains

We hike in the rugged mountain landscapes, explore the volcanic hills and descend down canyon cliffs.

On the Beach

Surfing, paddling along the coastline and wakeboarding on smaller swells.

In the Forest

We venture into the deep forests, hike on magical trails, glide down ziplines and climb on treetops.

Finnish, English & Spanish

Katri is a sea loving traveler who gets her kicks from exciting adventures. She can be found surfing, hiking or exploring nature in Tenerife.

Spanish & English

Cristina is our enthusiastic videographer and editor who is always ready for an adventure. You will find her capturing life’s every moment. She loves playing the guitar and singing, and is always cheerful.

Chin Tang
Chinese, English & Spanish

Originally from Taiwan, Tan has been experimenting the Canary Islands since he was born. He enjoys participating in extreme sports or admiring the nature of the island.

German, English & Spanish

With Tine you will always have a good laugh (even underwater). Running on the beach or catching waves – she uses the power of the nature and the sea to revitalise herself with fresh and positive energy.

Swedish & English

Andreas has tons of knowledge of the underwater world. This active Swede has been Xwandering around the world and even has an instructors license for Flyboarding!

English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese & German

Garry is a pioneering adventurer in Tenerife having been raised on the Island. Garry has gathered great experience all over the world, from Australia to Fiji and Brazil in hiking, diving, sailing and surfing.

Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English & Spanish

Heidi’s good mood is contagious. She has been wandering around Tenerife for a good dozen years and has extensive knowledge of the Island and its history.

Only barks

Our main guide Albi has been exploring Tenerife for fifteen dog years. He loves hiking, geocaching and destroying tennis balls.